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Hybrid Lighthouse

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Handcrafted by the Amish, in the Lancaster Area the workmanship is impeccable. We have been dealing with the same family for ten years. The materials are such that the houses will be a long term addition to your yard.

Our Lighthouses can be built to match your color choices or any existing lighthouse in the US. Contact us for further information regarding lighthouse choices other than illustrated.

Our Lighthouses have three categories.

Wood: Made of top quality signboard plywood and painted with exterior paint. They are built to endure all types of weather conditions.

Hybrid: These lighthouses are built of both Poly and wood for the benefit of both. The top in poly will not deteriorate or discolor. The center in wood can be painted to match any lighthouse out there. The bottom is also poly so it is moisture tolerant.

Poly: This is a maintenance free product. Will not rot, chip, fade or splinter. The styles are more limited. Barnegat, Cape Henry, Marble Head, Cape Cod, Cape May and Split Rock. But they are beautiful.

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